Giant Bingo

Hello there! Are you having a sneaky peek at what we’re doing here at Giant Bingo?? We get it! We know that with all of the great offers for you newbies about nowadays you want to see what we have for you too don’t you?

Well, you’ll not be disappointed! When you deposit just £10 with Giant Bingo you’ll get 120 FREE bingo tickets to play with! We hope you’ve booked the week off work…. We jest but that’s a lot of play for not a lot of money but don’t panic – you have a whole week to use them so where’s your first stop going to be?? We hope you’re feeling playful as there’s a HUGE amount of fun to be had now. Your 120 Free Giant Bingo tickets give you:

30 Tickets for the Ticket to Ride – A 75-Ball Bingo 1/2 TG game that plays every day
30 Tickets for the Just the Ticket – A 75-Ball Bingo game that plays every day
30 Tickets for the Golden Ticket -A 90-Ball Bingo game that plays every day
30 Tickets for the Choo Choo Ticket! A 5-Line game that plays every day
7 Days to play
Winnings turn into real life money!

Yep – real life money can be won here folks so all aboard for some BIG fun! We can’t have all work and no play now can we??

When we all work as hard as we do now, we like to let our hair down and relax in our own time. And here at Giant Bingo we’re pleased to say there’s a huge increase in how many people are playing online bingo to escape from the world. And before you go thinking it’s a bad thing that more people are doing that ‘gambling malarkey’ let us share some info with you on what your fellow countrymen (and moreso ladies!) are up to…

With online gaming being such a big industry now, you may be surprised to hear that according to the UK Gambling Commission, online bingo is now one of the most popular games played online. So you can see why the industry has new online bingo sites being launched every single day! Bingo is on the increase with over 3 million men and women now playing online. Over the last ten years, online bingo has increased its popularity hugely with UK online Bingo players spending over £7 billion on online bingo each year.

So you can see here at Giant Bingo we mean big business! What we as ambassadors of gambling responsibly love about this though, is that you’re all being playful but grown up about it all! If you’re new to the online Bingo world you can relax a little when you bear in mind that surveys conducted within the last few years have shown some pretty interesting facts. …

The majority (80%) of online bingo players are women spending around £120 a month playing online. When Giant Bingo and our fellow sites wanted to encourage more responsible gambling, we put in place some compulsory top-up limits on players’ accounts and there was absolutely no sign of our beloved Bingo decreasing in popularity.

When the online bingo players were asked about money, despite 87% of them saying they would like a little more money in their pockets, only 10% of players said that was the reason why they played bingo. This is critical though as it would be easy to say that the progressive jackpots which grow daily and can reach hundreds of thousands of pounds for you guys to win and the chance of hitting it big would be a huge lure to people looking to escape their financial woes. So this makes us very happy and shows what a wonderful lot you are – simply wanting to play bingo for the fun of it with gambling addictions being not only a minority but on the decline.

So it’s perfectly okay to embrace that we all like winning! Players are winning every hour of every day playing the various bingo games we have here at Giant Bingo and it’s fine for you to jump on board the Choo Choo Train too… Tickets at the ready folks it’s time to tantalise a few senses wondering whether your numbers are going to come up.

Free Fun for All (well if you’re over 18…)
So now you know a little bit more about how responsibly you can behave, it’s time to play BIG time! We might have already mentioned how we have awesome promotions for new players so what are you waiting for! Simply pay your £10 deposit and Giant Bingo gives you those luvvly tickets to get you on your rails!

If you’re new to Online Bingo though, may have a few questions so here are some of the questions we see regularly on the support team:

If I make a withdrawal, when will the money be in my bank account or on my credit card?
It can take up to 8 working days for Giant Bingo funds to show in your account as all withdrawal transactions are processed by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited within 2 working days from your request. However, the next part which is out of our hands is that your bank or Credit Card Company can take up to 6 working days from then to complete the process.

How do I know the Giant Bingo games are fair?
Giant Bingo and our parent company are heavily regulated and as part of that, we ensure absolute integrity for all games by using Random Number Generators to select the Bingo Balls. We rigorously test and examine all results after millions of rounds so can assure you (and the powers that be!) that all numbers generated are fair.

Can I use my Card Numbers for more than one Game?
Sorry folks but no can do. In keeping with the fair gaming policies we’ve just explained, Giant Bingo also randomly generates all Bingo cards when you request them. You are, however, able to request a new batch of numbers if you don’t like the ones you’ve been issued with.

What happens if I get disconnected from the game after I have purchased my cards?
You don’t need to worry if your internet isn’t the full ticket. Once your cards are purchased, you are included in the game even if your connection does a runner! The game’s outcome is generated on the Giant Bingo servers so you can simply check your transactions in the members’ area once your connection is restored to see if you’ve won.