Hunky Bingo

Alright Gorgeous! You popped in to check out our hunky offerings? Over here at Hunky Bingo, we’ve been working out, ready to play with the other big boys round here to impress you, so take a look at the beefiest offers you’ll see around as we know you’ll not be disappointed!

Here at Hunky Bingo you can bulk up BIG time when you deposit just £10 as we’ll pump that up to a massive £80 total plus 10 FREE spins too! There’s not many places that offer you gorgeous lot such a warm welcome – here’s what your tenner deposit and quoting the HUNKY promo code gets you:

£30 of Tickets for the Street Party Bingo
£40 of Tickets for Big Bang Bingo
10 Free Spins on Fluffy Favourites
7 Days to play
No Wagering Requirements on your winnings
Winnings can be converted into cash

So at this rate it won’t just be the tickets you’ll be dabbing, it’ll be your foreheads too at the sight of our Hunky offers – oo er missus! Some of the games you can play are Hunky 90 Bingo which is a progressive bingo game for just 5p a ticket plus BOGOF. There’s a jackpot of £250 up for grabs in the Ace Club’s Bingo hall or even Last Call where you can stay up way past your bedtime with the hunks for a £100 Jackpot prize available.
But it’s not all balls round here you know (Bingo balls you filthy lot!) we have loads of fun for you on the slots too. With so many types on offer we can’t wait to see which ones you pull (yep we did!)
You can check out the talent in Britains Got Talent Slingo, feel the post workout burn with the 7’s to Burn slots, gauge the luck o’ the Irish on Irish Eyes and Irish Luck slots or maybe a Stampede to the Cash Stax. If you think you’re a match for us though you could try Love Island Slingo too where we’re sure you won’t be pieing us off!

Have an itch you need scratching now you’ve seen your new playmates?
Don’t worry – we haven’t missed off the good old bingo wingman – the scratchcards! We know how everyone loves them too so every day we’ll give you a FREE hunky scratchcard with chances to win some HUGE prizes! With free spins, cash prizes and much more to play with it’s well coming and checking out this free talent every day.

We do know though that with new sites and new players popping up more than the biceps in a new gym, it’s understandable to have some questions so here’s some of the Hunky Bingo regulars we get asked…

I’d like to make a withdrawal, when will the money be in my bank account or on my credit card?
It takes up to 8 working days for Hunky Bingo funds to appear in your account as all withdrawal transactions are processed by Cassava Enterprises (Gibraltar) Limited within 2 working days from your withdrawal request. However, the bit that us Hunky Bingo lot can’t control is that your bank or Credit Card Company may take up to 6 working days from then to complete the process.

How do I know the Hunky Bingo games are fair?
With all of the Hunky Bingo games being played, we always use a Random Number Generator to completely ensure the integrity of all games. From the Bingo Ball Selection to a roll of dice or slots, the system has been tested rigorously by examining results after millions of rounds so we can be certain of their truly random generation.

I love my Card Numbers – can I keep them from Game to Game?
Sorry gorgeous – you can flutter those eyelashes all you like but unfortunately not as all Hunky Bingo cards are randomly generated when you request them, If you don’t like the numbers you’ve been issued with though, it’s super easy to get a new batch by simply clicking on the arrows below the bingo cards.

Wanna play on the run?
Yeah, we know. It’s Summer, so you want to get your pecs out and strut your stuff on the beach instead of being stuck indoors in front of a computer. Well strut away as we’ve got all angles covered – Hunky Bingo can be played on tablets, phones or computers, either a PC or a Mac too so plenty of options here folks – your biggest decision is where you’re going to pose next whilst playing…

What happens if I have purchased my cards and I get disconnected from the game?
If like some of the more famous pretty boys out there, your internet ain’t the full ticket, don’t worry as once your cards are purchased, you are in the game regardless of your connection status. So if ‘the lights are on but nobody is home’ it’s all good, as the outcome of the game is generated here on the Hunky Bingo servers so you can simply check your transactions in the members’ area to see if you’ve won once the connection is back.

What is the Minimum Amount I Can Deposit?
You don’t need to flash the cash at Hunky Bingo to impress our big boys – Hunky Bingo encourages responsible gambling so you can deposit as little as £5.

Will my personal details be safe?
Our protective hunks here at Hunky Bingo will look after your personal information and security is impeccable. Just like the huge bouncers on the door, if your name’s not on the list you’re not getting in. By using the latest technology we can ensure your bank and personal details stay confidential as all sensitive data is encrypted before it’s shared so it’s absolutely impossible to de-code.