Paddy Power Bingo Review

There are some staples in the online bingo market that have been there for a long time. Those sites that have always been there, and you are constantly vaguely aware of them, but you’ve never actually given them a go. Black Cat Bingo has been trialling a number of these more long-running established sites to see if they are worth trying if you haven’t already, and to assess as to whether they are continuing to improve or have become complacent. Paddy Power is a site you’ve definitely heard of if you’re already into online gambling. They’ve become infamous due to their amusing yet controversial television adverts. Paddy Power Bingo was launched in 2006 and has been widely considered one of the biggest sites to play bingo on throughout the UK and Ireland ever since.

However, does the biggest mean best? Well, it depends on what you’re looking for. We at Black Cat Bingo are happy to advise that if you want an excellent site that prides itself on offering a variety of types of bingo room then Paddy Power Bingo is the site for you. For players new and old, Paddy Power offers a staggering range of benefits and perks that are incomparable to offers that other sites out there are providing. However, prior to even looking at the many available offers, it is immediately apparent that the site is offering something truly special when it comes to an online bingo experience.

The big problem that we’ve found with many bingo sites out there is the user interface. With a huge variety of games and deals, comes the risk that the site will end up looking too busy and clustered. The looks of the website are often sacrificed for the content, which is fair. However, this can be off-putting for new players coming in and the tricky site navigation is admittedly an irritating factor to have to get used to. However, with the recently updated look, on Paddy Power Bingo this is much less of an issue. The green and pink website is clean and easy to navigate and trust us when we say that is a rarity when it comes to the bigger online bingo sites. Instead of open games bouncing up and down the screen, you can easily scroll through the games on offer.

They offer a wide variety of games; some more based on the basic traditional bingo hall layout and some with more exciting themes. Whether you are wanting a more elegant experience with the ‘Crystal Room’ game, or a more flamboyant experience with the Leprechaun themed ‘Rainbow Riches,’ there is a room suited towards whatever you are in the mood for. Like the other big bingo sites out there, Paddy Power Bingo offers up a number of different games. The 90 ball and 75 ball games on their site are always busy, which is good as it means you’ll always have someone to play with. For those who prefer other kinds of bingo, Paddy Power does also have a slightly smaller range of those for players to choose from.

Where Paddy Power Bingo really excels is in the deals and offers that give to players both old and new. Again, it is very often the case that some bigger sites only offer promotions to new players as a means to lure them in. While it is true that Paddy Power does have some great offers only available to new players, they also have a number of fantastic promotions that only run for returning players. These change daily, and if you opt in to receiving emails, you will receive even more exclusive deals from Paddy Power. The site has a loyalty scheme to reward returning players, which is a great incentive for people to use their site again and again. For every game that you play on their site, you earn ‘star points, and these can be redeemed to cash bonuses to use in future games.

For new players, they offer a great tutorial system so that they can go into their first game feeling comfortable that they know how it all works. They also offer a big welcome bonus on your first deposit onto the site. You get access to a huge welcoming community, with chat rooms full of other players that you can interact with and befriend from the comfort of your own living room.

Paddy Power Bingo is a site that we at Black Cat Bingo regard as one of the best available. They have continually updated the site throughout the years, and it is by far the most friendly to new players that we have come across. The fact that they don’t forget to reward their returning players is just the cherry on top, and we highly recommend that you check them out if you’re a bingo fan.