Sun Bingo Review

If you do a quick search online for recommendations for the best online bingo sites, there a couple that you are going to notice keep reappearing on a number of lists. At Black Cat Bingo we decided to try a couple of the sites that appeared most frequently to see if they really are worth the hype they are getting. The Sun Bingo website is frequently placed on top ten bingo site lists and very often appears within the top three positions. They definitely have a solid name backing them, with “The Sun” newspaper being one of the most infamous tabloids in Britain. Love it or hate it; you’ve at least heard of it, and you know that they have the budget to make a solid bingo website. However, does having the name and the apparent backing of a number of reviewers mean it is really is a great site? Black Cat Bingo trialled the Sun Bingo service to assess the situation.

While you are very restricted in what you can access without signing in, it is immediately apparent that the Sun Bingo delivers a fantastic online bingo service even from the slightly restricted home page. They have a clean site, that is extremely easy to navigate. There is no worry that you are going to accidentally select a slot machine instead of a bingo game and vice versa; which is a genuine concern on some of the other more poorly laid out sites. They offer a fantastic site with a ton of prizes and promotions, and this is made clear throughout the site so that there is no way you can miss out on any deals on offer.

They run a variety of themed games on their site; some are plainer and focus on the game, and others have unique themes that players who are maybe getting bored of that basic game can enjoy and have their passion for bingo revitalised with. Sun Bingo offers a number of games that are exclusive to the site and won’t be found anywhere else. A great bonus game that fans of the newspaper will enjoy is the Mystic Meg game. Named after the Sun’s Astrologist column, Mystic Meg is a free game that allows players the opportunity to win prizes and get free spins. Players don’t have to spend cash to enjoy the bingo games on offer, which is a pretty unique feature.

Like the other bigger bingo websites, they offer a number of types of bingo game so that fans around the world are able to participate with their favourite method of playing. 90 ball bingo, 70 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and pattern bingo games run constantly throughout the site every day. New games start every couple of minutes so you won’t have to wait to be able to enjoy a game. The chat rooms in every game are always busy, so even between games, you’ll have something to do.

Free bingo isn’t something you are going to find on many sites, but it is something that the Sun proudly boast. Every day at 7 pm they open up their free bingo room. Players can win up to £200 for absolutely no cost at all. For players new to bingo, they have a ‘learners room’ which allows for 7 days worth of free bingo. This gives you a safe place to learn the game, with other newbies. What is really great about the Sun Bingo learners room is, despite the fact it is free, you could still win up to £1,500 in cash.

New players are eligible to receive a great welcome bonus, and that not only includes a pile of money but also gives you access to free bingo games throughout your first week on the site. However, their returning players are not forgotten about either. A number of promotions run throughout the site daily. There are so many on the site, that there is an entire page dedicated to them and the schedule they run on. These change fairly frequently, and so it is worth checking out often so you can keep up to date.

The Sun Bingo is a site that we at Black Cat Bingo feel definitely hold-up to their stellar reputation. The on-site promotions and opportunities for new players to learn are fantastic, and these combined with the games that only the Sun have, make it a site not to be missed. For more online bingo site recommendations, check out our blog feed here.