Top Picks For Online Slot Games

The world of online slots is forever evolving, with endless possibilities to win and have fun. The advancement of technology is pushing the boundaries of online slot games, providing exceptional graphic design and special effects that are truly gripping for its players. At Black Cat Bingo, we want to give you the best free online slot games for you to play. To do this, we are offering you our top two picks of best online slot games that are available to play today, with a brief low down of what makes them so great.


About the game:
Starting with one of the strongest contenders, Afterlife: Inferno takes the classic tale featured in Dante Alighieri’s literature and brings it into modern life. Contrasting to other popular slot games featuring cute Irish Leprechauns and love stories, Afterlife: Inferno provides a rather dark video slot that is sure to entice its players.

Deviating from the norm, this game brings a newer, darker dimension of online slot games to the table. A complete game changer, if you will. With Afterlife: Inferno, you will travel through the 9 circles of hell before entering a newfound paradise where there are many big prizes and free spins to be won.

Why we like it
Not only is the concept of the game incredibly thrilling, but Afterlife: Inferno hosts truly impressive graphics. Coupled with the game’s unnerving soundtrack, is the chilling atmosphere that is created through its almost cinematic play. We were extremely fascinated about the way in which this game has gone above and beyond the classic slot approach, and how it has instead created a compelling narrative that leaves you wanting more.

Where to play
Players can get their teeth stuck into this exceptionally original game at Mega Reel, one of the major online slot providers in the industry. Not only does Mega Reel host this incredible game, but it also provides new players with the chance to win up to 500 free spins on their favourite games, such as Afterlife: Inferno.


About the game
Offering a more refined gameplay to online slot machines is Deco Diamonds. The sophisticated game offers the finer things in life with an old-school feel. The iconic fruits featured in your original slots are present in this online slot game, whilst creating a refreshing twist on a classic. With an abundance of energy, Deco Diamonds keeps you playing for hours.

Why we like it
We particularly enjoyed playing Deco Diamonds because of its added bonus features and funky soundtrack. We found ourselves dancing along to the music whilst playing. With the classic look of traditional slot machines, we felt a touch of nostalgia whilst playing Deco Diamonds.

Where to play
Another popular online slot machine website is Easy Slots. Easy Slots does what it says on the tin, providing online slot games which are easy to play and enjoyable. Easy Slots hosts a number of unique online slot games, but Deco Diamonds continue to be one of the favourites, and without reason.

Whilst these two games are rather different, they both provide equally impressive visual aesthetics and enticing gameplay. Offering an incredible amount of extra bonuses, free spins and big wins, our top two picks for online slot games are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and big rewards. Black Cat Bingo offers hundreds of more online slot games that are available for you to explore today. So why not take a look?